Professional Accreditation

Professional Accreditation

Professional Accreditation

Following on from achieving the Level 6 qualification, I am happy to announce that I have now gained professional accreditation.

I have become a full member of INTODogs, receiving the accreditations: Certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Dog Trainer. This also includes full membership of the ICAN (The International Companion Animal Network) as both Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Animal Trainer.

I have also become a full member of the Pet Professional Guild, gaining the accreditation Canine Training Professional.

These respected professional organisations are at the forefront of promoting positive practices, and good welfare. Please click on the links to learn know about their work and accreditation requirements. I am very proud to be associated with them.

Training and Behaviour is an unregulated field and anyone can set themselves up as a trainer or behaviourist with no formal qualifications, training or assessment of practical skills. This does not make them bad practitioners. However, the lack of regulation also enables people with outdated or limited knowledge to practise. This could result in unsafe advice and the use of inappropriate techniques and equipment. Therefore potentially leading to dangerous situations.

Being a member of these professional organisations means that I am accountable for the services I provide. Their requirement for continuing professional development ensures I keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date. Consequently, the behaviour advice and training I offer is based on current scientific research and best practice. This is my continuing commitment to canine welfare, and the promotion of good, positive training techniques.

Tony, Think Dog Positive!

Click on the logos to view the organisations codes of conduct.

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