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This is not the end …

When Rosie lost her sight suddenly we were devastated. This article follows our journey from terror, through grief, to hope as Rosie adapts to life as a sightless sighthound.

Covid-19 Update

From 13th July, I will be restarting in-person home appointments. In line with with government guidelines and in an effort to keep everyone safe, there are a couple of things to note about our sessions.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

In order to for us to make lasting behaviour changes at the base level, we have to dive below the surface and see what might really be going on.

Advanced Diploma Success

In March 2019, I successfully achieved the Level 6 (degree level) “Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management” from Animal Jobs Direct. This means I can now use the designation “Adip CBM” after my name. As part of the Advanced Diploma, I had to write a thesis which should extend existing knowledge while encouraging further discussion.Read More

The Importance of Vet Checks …

The Importance of Vet Checks … When Dealing With Behaviour Issues   At a basic level behaviour can be seen as motor-responses to events, which are repeated through reinforcement. However, behaviour goes beyond the original theories of Pavlov, Skinner, Watson and Thorndike. It is a much more complex process, influenced by internal factors (genetics, physiology,Read More